Michigan MSFC Members Demand Abortion Training Opportunities for Residents

By Maya Nojechowicz As an MSFC student organizer, it was inspiring to witness MSFC members from two Michigan universities use their leverage as medical students to advocate for improved access to abortion training in residency programs. While much of MSFC’s focus is on providing abortion education in preclinical years, it is due to the advocacy …

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fundraisingFundraising allows school chapters to host events, increase awareness, and send more students to MSFC conferences! Developing creative ways to raise money can be fun and increase the impact of your work.

Here are some great ways students can boost trust accounts:

Have a Letter Writing Campaign:

Solicit friends, family and faculty for gifts. Be sure to involve everyone in your group to increase your network! For MSFC letterhead, remittance envelopes, and letter writing advice email [email protected].

Sample Solicitation Letter

Organize On-Campus Sales:

  • Sell candy and condom-grams for Valentine’s Day/Halloween/Exams. Temple University’s MSFC chapter made adorable “Costumed Condoms” and sold them to their classmates .
  • Sell coffee before 1st and 2nd year morning lectures (local cafés will often donate supplies for fundraising activities).*
  • Hold a bake sale (many bakeries will donate “day old” goodies!).*
  • Sell exam stress kits (bottled water, popcorn, chocolate, energy drinks, condoms, etc.).
  • Organize a raffle – Request donations such as books, gift certificates, t-shirts, movie tickets, etc. from local businesses and sell tickets for $5.*

*Many local business are happy to support in fundraising efforts with in-kind donations. Here is a template to get you started with an ask: In Kind Letter Template.

Host a Party or Event:

  • Host a Champagne for Choice fundraiser (other variations include Wine and Cheese, Chocolate for Choice, etc.)
  • Hold a happy hour at a local bar—organizers collect admission, the bar collects drink money.
  • Create an event incorporating pre-med students. Develop a pro-choice base early by offering advice on getting into medical school, and being a pro-choice medical student.
  • Co-host a fundraising event with other student groups. Law Students for Reproductive Justice has been a good partner in the past!
  • Host a sex toy party and charge admission.
  • Please refer to our Party Planning Kit  for more complete details.

For more information on Fundraising, please contact MSFC HQ or refer to your Student Leaders Handbook.

*Have you had a really successful fundraiser? Email MSFC HQ so we can share it with the other chapters!