Michigan MSFC Members Demand Abortion Training Opportunities for Residents

By Maya Nojechowicz As an MSFC student organizer, it was inspiring to witness MSFC members from two Michigan universities use their leverage as medical students to advocate for improved access to abortion training in residency programs. While much of MSFC’s focus is on providing abortion education in preclinical years, it is due to the advocacy …

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Event Topics

MSFC Event Topics
MSFC’s campus events have shared information about the subjects listed below with medical students on campuses around the globe. These extracurricular events are important supplements to medical education because the topics they cover are not being adequately addressed in medical school curricula. Please ask for additional resources if you have questions about how to plan an MSFC event on one of the following topics.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Incarceration and Reproductive Health
Intro to Abortion
Intro to MSFC (PowerPoint Presentation)
Legal and Legislative Issues
Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)
Maternal Mortality
No-Scalpel Vascetomy
Patient Counseling
Reproductive Justice
Second Trimester Abortion
Taking a Sexual History
Trans Patient Care
Unmet Need
Unsafe Abortion
Values Clarification