Happy New Year?

…only the passing of time will answer that question.  If you have become both obsessed and disgusted with political news, I share your pain.  I desperately want to turn everything off, but I can’t help myself. There is a lot…a LOT…of work coming our way in the next few years.  One of the reasons I …

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Event Topics

MSFC Event Topics
MSFC’s campus events have shared information about the subjects listed below with medical students on campuses around the globe. These extracurricular events are important supplements to medical education because the topics they cover are not being adequately addressed in medical school curricula. Please ask for additional resources if you have questions about how to plan an MSFC event on one of the following topics.

Abortion 101
Pregnancy Options Counseling
How to Take a Sexual History
Contraception Update
Clinical Realities of Abortion
Medical Abortion
Emergency Contraception/Plan B
Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Papaya Workshop
No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) Workshop
Intrauterine Device or System (IUD/S) Workshop

Constitutional Basis for the Right to Choose (US)
Current State of Reproductive Rights
Laws and Politics of Choice
Healthcare Reform and Abortion Coverage
Access Issues/Barriers to Abortion Care

Global and Immigrant Population Issues
Global Reproductive Issues
Health Care Disparities
Undocumented Immigrant Access to Reproductive Rights
Global Gag Rule (US)

Personal Accounts of Abortion
Pre-Roe Abortion Activist Panel (U.S. chapters)
Externship Experience Panel/Shadowing Experience Panel
Provider Perspective Panels
Being a Pro-Choice Resident and Activist
Evaluating your Personal Beliefs Workshop
Faith and Choice
Words of Choice
Men and Choice Panel